Battling Depression in the midst of Virtual Schooling

Has Virtual Schooling got you down! I can attest to that. Homeschooling can be overwhelming. At times you are the assistant teacher,  IT help desk, principle and calendar/organizer all while trying to Work from Home. You may have to go into the office or have multiple children in different grades and it's adding on to your stress levels. It can start to feel like you are in school as well. So how do we prevent ourselves from feeling depressed during these high pressured times. Depression is a natural emotion and we all get down sometimes. It is about how you choose to handle the emotion and what mechanisms you have emplace to deal with these feelings.  

Here's what you can do

It is important to take time to develop a plan and strategy on how to cope with depression. 

  • Meditate
Meditation can do wonders to the human brain. You would be surprised what taking 5-30 conscious minutes out of your day would do to your body. It has been proven that meditation increases memory, reduces anxiety and stress. 
  • Plan Ahead

So.... let's take accountability for our lives by planning in advance what you are going to do for the week. I am guilty as well but consistency is key. Plan your day and KNOW your Childs school schedule as well. Staying connected with your Childs teacher can keep you one step ahead of the game on projects, assignments, and tests. 

  • Pray

If you are a believer, then I advise you to pray for guidance and changed thoughts and behavior not only in yourself but in your children as well. May we all be more like our God. 

  • Good Vibes 

You have to have a positive mindset. All emotions and feelings can be manipulated. If you think positive then everything will fall in place. When negative things happen and your feeling overwhelmed remember there are people more worse off than you. Be grateful for the little things that may be BIG things to someone else. 

  • Oils/Candles 

Feel yourself with euphoric scented candles and oils. Such scents are lavender, lemongrass and fruity scents.